FRIJNS Steel Construction Middle East (FME) has a total facility area of 56,000 Sqm including total covered area 29,100 Sqm as follows: 18,500 Sqm of covered production/fabrication area consisting of 6 Bays, 9,500.0 Sqm of covered Paint shop and offices of 1,100 Sqm. In addition to 5,000 Sqm of storage area. FRIJNS has capacity to produce in excess of 24,000 tons of fabricated steelwork per annum. Our Products include:

  • Heavy Structure Production.
  • Medium Structure Production.
  • Light Structure Production.
  • Heavy, Medium & Light Built-Up Production.
  • Miscellaneous Steel Works.

Fabrication is undertaken in a controlled environment with direct links from the engineering and production control departments to the CNC preparation machines. This in an integral part of FRIJNS quality and monitoring systems. Bar coding further compliments these systems to ensure full traceability and tracking through the fabrication process.

The Main primary equipment in the plant consists of:

  • CNC Plate Plasma Cutting Machine
  • CNC Profile Cutting Machine
  • CNC Profile Drilling Machine
  • CNC Punching Machine
  • Profile & Pipe Bending Machine
  • Plate Bending Machine

In addition there are numerous presses / welding equipment / manual painting equipment. Our workforce is highly skilled and flexible, welders are coded and production is undertaken within our robust Quality and Safety systems. The strength of our fabrication facility is our people and the comprehensive suite of equipment that gives the capability to work in all market sectors and manufacture complex challenging structures.


Other services

Blasting & Painting
Project Management
Building Envelope